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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of VT Dimensions Countertops?
  • a. Durability – More durable than light weight granite (2cm).
  • b. Seamless look – The countertops are formed as a single piece from the backsplash to the front edge, creating a seamless surface with incredible depth and dimension.
  • d. Low maintenance – The durable surface resists scrapes and scuffs—with no polishing or resealing required.
  • e. Easy cleaning – The all-in-one surface helps avoid the collection of dirt, grime and bacteria for a product that is much easier to keep clean.
2. What if I don’t see the color/style I am looking for?
The VT Dimensions fabricator can help you find the right color/style to fit your design needs. During your consultation, they will bring samples to review and discuss additional options available.
3. Will the fee be credited back to my credit card if I cancel the in-home consultation?
Yes. As long as the consultation is cancelled 24 hours in advance of your set appointment date, the fee will be credited back to your credit card. For cancellation, please call the VT Dimensions fabricator who set up the appointment.
4. If I am uncomfortable signing up for an in-home consultation online, how can I speak to someone directly?
You are welcome to call 855-GO-4-TOPS to speak directly to a VT Dimensions specialist and set up an in-home consultation over the phone.
5. After the consultation, will the fee be credited back to my credit card if I decide not to use the service?
The fee is not refundable after the consultation. However, when you decide to move forward with your project, half of the cost will be directly applied to your countertop purchase.
6. How will I know the person that comes to my home is the VT Dimensions Consultant?
After you set up your in-home consultation, your confirmation email will supply you with the first and last name of the VT Dimensions fabricator who will be coming to your home. The email will also let you know of some key things to look for to confirm they are who they appear to be.
7. What does the in-home consultation fee cover?
The in-home consultation fee includes a VT Dimensions fabricator to come to your home, consult on your upcoming project, provide VT Dimensions product options, review VT edge profiles and color options, and provide a complete estimate for your project.
8. Does the in-home consultation fee apply to my purchase if I decide to move forward with a project?
Half of the in-home consultation fee will be directly applied to the purchase of your new countertop.
9. What if I am not certain of laminate vs. other countertop options?
The VT Dimensions fabricators will offer you many options to help meet your project needs based on your expectations and budget. They will work with you to provide you the perfect space.
10. How do I leave a comment?
Click here to contact us.
11. What would the product offering options on your estimator consist of?
You will notice on the calculator different available options with a tab when hit will give you description of each specific option available to complete your Dimensions Countertop.
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